Getting the marketing mix right in a small business is always a challenge not least because getting it wrong can be an extremely expensive mistake. So making sure you get this balance right is absolutely imperative particularly when you have a limited marketing budget.

To pay or not to pay, that is the question?

The traditional forms of digital marketing, pay per click and pay per view (PPC and PPV) have proven over time to be extremely effective and as a result we would always include them as part of the overall digital marketing mix. 

When is the best time to use PPC or PPV?

They are especially effective for rapid response, short term campaigns like say special offers, discounts or new product sales. The bottom line is all about getting your offer out there with almost immediate but generally measurable results – In essence it is aimed at generating sales right now. 

Like any above the line advertising, it is only as effective as the budget!

Like anything else, however, there are also downsides to using these methods of paid-for advertising. They do rely to a very significant extent on identifying who your target market is and what they are typing into the search box at any given moment in time. Get that right and they can be extremely effective. It is important to remember, however, that once you actually stop paying, your online presence declines and disappears very quickly!

Organic is not just about vegetables!

Companies of all shapes and sizes are starting to learn that there is an alternative to these paid-for forms of marketing. You can also create original, relevant content and promote yourself, and your company, in this way.  Once again here the targeting of this content and the key words and search terms you use in it must be accurate or you will be wasting a lot of valuable time. 

Is the story of the tortoise and the hare relevant in digital marketing?

The difficulty with organic content is that it does take longer and is more time consuming to produce. Also you could be forgiven for thinking that by its very nature it should take much longer to be found by the search engine because it is in competition with the myriad of websites on the internet. But get the targeting and the keywords right and you would be surprised how quickly content can be indexed and ranked! And what’s more, unlike paid for ads, once it has been found and indexed by Google this original user generated content remains online forever!

Balance is always best!

It would seem therefore that the sensible solution for any marketing manager is to use a combination of both organic content marketing and paid for advertising. Obviously the tricky part lies in deciding the mix of this spend but this must be driven by what the company is trying to achieve and its overall budget.


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