The key factor in creating success is to be able to use your valuable time in a manner that creates the best value from the use of that timeTo enable this to happen you have to delegate to other team member so that you can focus on the things that you are best at. 

The skill in being able to identify what you are good at and what other are good at comes with practice and good communication. 

What are the key things you need to learn to become a good delegator? 

Define the task-The job or task that you are delegating need to be defined and a clear deadline set for the task. That way the person you are delegating to understands what is required and by when.

Allocate resources- Ensure that the resources needed to complete the task are in place. For example if you delegate a report to be written on a subject make sure that the person has access to the information needed and probably make others aware of your request so the person can get help from other team members.

Feedback- Make sure you are available to receive feedback and give assistance if needed.

I have seen so many task get side-tracked because of a minor blockage which could easily have been solved by an early intervention by the manager in question.

Progress- Check on progress as the task is being completed. This can be done in a light touch way so that the task does not bounce back to you.

What is the difference between delegation and abdication?

It is worth looking at a number of definitions to help to distinguish between the two.

 “Delegationis the assignment of any responsibility or authority to another person (normally from a manager to a subordinate) to carry out specific activities” ( Source:  Wikipedia )

Abdication, like delegation, involves allocating duties and responsibilities to a team - but without the measuring and managing part. Big difference. Abdication is abandonment of our duties and our responsibilities to our companies, our employees and ourselves” ( Source : Anneal )

On the surface there is a huge difference between the two but often the lines can become blurred. This often leads to a ‘blame game’ which does not help to develop a business where team member will not be willing to be delagted to because they are always getting the blame. Be careful not to slip into this trap

What are the top 5 things to learn to become a good delegator

  1. Write a plan for yourself for the periods ahead and decide what you are going to do personally and what you are going to delegate. 
  2. Write a clear brief of the task or job or task being delegated and make sure that the person or team understand the task and the realistic timescales. 
  3. Follow up on progress as the job or task progresses and offer advice when required. Make changes to the task or the timeframes if needed as it progresses.
  4.  When completed make sure you review and sign off on the task or job. You will be responsible so make sure you are happy that you name will be associated with it.
  5. Give praise to the team member who carried out the task. This means that te next time you have a task to delegate, you will have willing volunteers.

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